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Denise Prince and Charles Merward

Captivating, Not Captive (2009 - 2022) : Enabling Desire

curated by Apama Mackey


Saturday, September 24,  "Encounter with Desire" : with Denise Prince and Dr. Charles Merward, style performance, cocktails + catalog release.  6:00 - 9:00PM

Sunday, September 25, champagne and conversation, "Of Couches, Cameras and Other Wish Machines" with artists Denise Prince and Charles Merward, 12:30 - 3:00 PM


at Bill Arning Exhibitions
604 West Alabama

Houston, Texas 77006


Captivating, Not Captive (2009 - 2022) : Enabling Desire

Denise Prince and Charles Merward invite the audience to re-cognize and renew fantasies and ideologies we take for granted. Their work Captivating, Not Captive unveils the visual syntax of style photography and presents beauty beyond the veil of ego, violently revealing the παρατυπωσις — paratuposis, or illusory representation. Working with hypermodern subjects for over a decade, the dilemma they collectively present asks if we wish to remain captive to encounters with the Real or captivated by beauty. With photography, symposium and performative events, Prince and Merward will install the audience into a continuous conversation where art, after philosophy, is a living practice in speech. Together, driven by the desire to know and love, we will recollect, recover the revelations.

as part of the FotoFest Biennial 2022
If I Had a Hammer
taking place September 24–November 6, 2022

FotoFest is pleased to reveal the artistic concept and title of its 19th international biennial exhibition. Titled, If I Had a Hammer, the FotoFest Biennial 2022 takes place September 24–November 6, 2022 in Houston, Texas at Sawyer Yards and throughout the city of Houston. The exhibition and its related public programs are co-curated and organized by Steven Evans, Max Fields, and Amy Sadao with curatorial advisory support from Julie Ault, Nora N. Khan, and Jeanne Vaccaro.

The FotoFest Biennial 2022 central exhibition, If I Had a Hammer, considers the ways in which artists utilize images to unpack the ideological underpinnings that inspire collective cultural movements around the globe, at a moment when social beliefs and political imaginaries are becoming dogma at the tap of a button and the click of a shutter. The exhibition addresses the role of images in the construction, representation, reception, and repression of global social movements and political ideologies. A diverse range of image-based practices are represented: activists and photo-documentarians, research-based artists and collectives, filmmakers and performance artists, and artists working within social practice. The included artists expose, through diverse methods, the potential of images to support progressive movements, as well as their ability to oppress marginalized and at-risk populations. If I had a Hammer highlights strategies that artists employ to create archives that subvert the hegemonic anthropological and documentary gaze, play against traditional forms from portraiture to landscape photography, and imagine alternative political scenarios while turning over an insistence on a finished, final, or decisive image.